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"Why try to win arguments with logic and facts when you can just hit 'em with a smug anime girl."

I write stories about Fat Girls and stuff. FOR FREE! FOR FUN! FOR EVERYO- Okay, maybe for a select viewing audience, but MOSTLY FOR EVERYONE! YEAH!

I will more than likely submit/work on stories on weekends because school. :P

Warning, Sarcasm user-Stamp by Dinoclaws I am bored-Stamp by Dinoclaws My favourite sport by prosaix Stamp: Please Comment by SimplySilent


Gonna post a new story sometime this week. But to be honest, it might be a bit... Preachy.

(A joke you will get when you read the story)
A few days ago was my DeviantArt Profile Anniversary. 5 years, with only about like. 1 of those years being what this profile is now primarily about.

How fun.
    The sun shown down on another pleasant day on the small town, which held the residence of a young girl known as Curil. Curil didn’t have any parents or guardians to speak of, but wasn’t in need of them. She was a Saccarin, a Slime-like Human, with the skin tones of regular human beings, but had no internal organs, and can grow to massive sizes when given enough food.
    Curil loved doing this daily, filling herself up to the brim with food, making her belly a gigantic blubbery ball of squishy lard. It felt amazing to her, and she did everything possible to make herself feel that way.

    Today, however, was a special day. It was her birthday, and she didn’t want to just get huge by human standards anymore. She wanted to crush an entire city with her massive body, or maybe even more! The thought of it made her drool, all that flab, encompassing so much land… It was her one and only fantasy.
    And today, that fantasy would come to life.

    Curil got out of her bed, and put on her large shirt and soft leggings, and decided that, now she was fully dressed, it was time for some Breakfast.
    She headed to the Kitchen, where she found the cupboard and opened it, revealing a whole Walk-in Cupboard filled with Cookies, Brownies, Cupcakes and more! Since Curil lost all weight from her previous binges overnight, she had to eat tons to keep up her massive and chubby frame. She grabbed dozens of cupcakes and brownies, devouring them right then and there.
    Her body began expanding quickly, her belly growing very visibly, as well as her rump. She just kept stuffing herself with everything she had, her body flooding with fat with every passing second.
    Curil soon resorted to just grabbing the shelves and leaning them all downwards into her mouth, her belly now much resembling a beanbag chair. flooding over the entire ground, and her butt now resembling that of beach balls.
    “Mmm… So delicious!” Curil said, finishing the last of her food, slapping her gargantuan gut, “But only a taste of what we’ll be having today!”
    Curil attempted to move, but she realized she had gotten so large that she was no longer able to move. Her gut and rear were simply too heavy to lift.
    “Ugh, immobile already? No good! I don’t wanna be immobile yet!” Curil stated, slapping her gut. It suddenly retracted into a much more manageable size, making her belly a huge boulder, but she was just barely able to move around with it.
    Curil nodded, and waddled outside, not minding her shirt barely covered her big belly and her leggings looked like they were just painted on.

    Curil’s jiggly body used to get stares from everyone around the town, but as time went on, Curil’s daily walk to the Bakery was nothing short of routine by now, and the locals simply expected it. Some even found it cute, and offered doughnuts and other treats to the blubbery child.
    Curil almost felt bad, everyone in this town was so nice! It would be a shame to crush them all… But, Curil’s dreams of becoming the biggest girl ever overpowered her guilt and shame. She constantly wasted the supplies of all the treat shops in town, leaving absolutely nothing sweet for anyone else in the town.
    Although, that could be considered a good thing, since she lowered the obesity rate by a hard 5% due to her own gluttony. Although, she possibly added an extra 15% by her own obesity alone.
    But, Curil didn’t care much about morality or standards. As a Saccarin, all she cared about was making herself big and blobby, and everyone else would just have to figure their own was around that.

    Curil eventually made it to the Bakery, and all the customers had cleared out about five minutes prior, getting the warning that she was coming.
    “Oh, hello, Curil.” The Cashier greeted, “You want the usual, right? Everything?”
    “Yes! Of course, but actually, I wanted to know…” Curil mentioned, “Where do you get all of your food from?”
    The cashier gulped, “U-uh… I was told by management not to release that information. To you especially.”
    Curil frowned, “Wh-wha… Really?” Her eyes glistened, as if they were about to cry out a storm.
    The cashier attempted to ignore the pouting child, “S-sorry, but… Isn’t wiping out our inventory every day enough for you?”
    But it seemed as if Curil wasn’t listening, she fell onto her butt, her whole body jiggling. “Y-you… Sniff… I jus’ wanna… Snnniiiifff…” Curil attempted to hold back the tears, but was beginning to hold her chubby hands to her face.
    He sighed, “...Alright, I’ll tell you, but don’t tell them I told you.” The cashier caved.
    Curil beamed back up, and smiled, “Really? Thank you, thank you!”
    The Cashier wrote down an address, and told her to go there, “I hope this at least means you won’t be clearing out my supply again today, will you…?”
    Curil laughed, “What do you think, Mr. Cashier man?”
    He sighed, “I have a name…”

    Curil left nearly twice as fat, her belly jiggly and bouncy with flab, and her butt only halfway concealed. Her belly hung underneath her knees, and extended past her chest by nearly half a foot.
    “Thanks again, Cashier man!” Curil smiled, squishing her fat belly as she headed down to the address he gave her.
    The Cashier opened the door he was hiding behind, leading to the storage of all the dough and ingredients. He was just grateful that she didn’t know about that place, or else he would be in real trouble. Curil never even paid for it, she just got away with it because of how adorable and sad she looked.
    In this whole town, Curil always got her way. She had the perfect setup, to just hit them with the puppy-dog eyes, and they fell to her knees like butter.
    Mmm… Butter. This reminded Curil of all the sweets she was about to devour in this massive factory, and how big she would become by the end of it.

    She finally reached the end of the street, where the Factory lied. The factory was enormous, and had to be at least twice the size of the town, and that wasn’t counting whatever was underground!
    “Woah… This place is amazing!” Curil gasped in awe at the magnificent structure. Curil headed to the gates, where she was able to duck under the security gate and make a clean entrance. Nobody questioned what she was doing there, as people assumed she was one of the bosses kids or something.
    But Curil made her way straight to the main lobby of the Factory, where there was a receptionist standing by.
    “Please hold.” The receptionist calmly stated into her bluetooth microphone, “Hello, young child. Are you here for a tour? Because those are in the other building.”
    “No, I’m here to speak with the manager of this place. I have a proposition for them!” Curil stated.
    “Oh, I’m sorry, but you need to make an appointment.” The receptionist explained.
    Curil sighed, and held her hands behind her back, and digging her left foot into the ground, her neck fat squishing up against her bloated cheeks, and then, in the cutest voice she could muster, stated, “P-pweeeeease?”

    The receptionist just couldn’t handle how adorable this was, and held her hands over her face, “Oh, go on you! I’m sure he won’t mind an unexpected visitor!” The receptionist smiled, “He loves children anyway!”
    Curil smiled, “Thanks, Ma’am!”
    The Receptionist smiled back and went back to her conversation, as Curil waddled off to speak with the manager.

    “This one town is really cutting into our profits, Sir.” An assistant to the Manager of this desserts factory stated, “It’s all coming from one girl, one they call Curil.”
    The two were on a catwalk above the whole factory, right above a vat of Cookie Dough.
    “Hm. So if we don’t get rid of her somehow…” The manager stated.
    “Then we could lose all our business.”
    “Well… It seems we’ll need to cut off our ties with that town, obviously. Until they can handle their glutton child, we shouldn’t be forced to waste valuable resources stuffing some stupid kid who won’t even PAY us.” The Manager stated.
    “Of course, sir. I’ll tell the shipping department to halt production for that town immediately.”
    The assistant stated, not realizing there was someone right behind him.
    “Good. And while you’re at it, go ahead and… Restock those… Um…” The manager turned toward the assistant, and saw Curil walking behind the assistant, “Who is that?”
    “Who is who?” The assistant wondered, turning to see the young girl getting on the railing.
    “Wait, that… I remember her, from a picture! Yeah, they gave me a picture of that Curil girl, that’s her!” The manager stated, “Grab her, quick!”

    But it was too late. Curil had already dove into the vat of Cookie Dough, making various somersaults as she dove headfirst into the vat.
    “Oh, no, no! Someone, quickly ,get her out of th-” The manager stopped mid-sentence, seeing her submerged in the cookie dough, and the Cookie Dough quickly dropping in height. Curil was eating the supply of Cookie Dough!
    “It’s too late, sir! She’s beginning to grow bigger by the second, by the time she bursts out of there, she’ll become uncontainable!” The assistant warned.
    “So what, we should just evacuate this factory? Let her ruin my legacy?” The Manager asked.
    “Not just that… By my calculations, she will also cover twice the size of Manhattan by the time she finishes everything in this place. We need to evacuate everyone in a 30 or 40 mile radius.” The assistant finished.
    “Crap… Come, then! Let’s not waste any more time here, evacuate the factory and then the neighboring towns, and get them to carry anything that’s not tied down. We’ll rebuild on top of this gluttonous beast if we need to!” The Manager stated.

    When Curil broke free from the vat, she was ginormous. Her belly fat flooded on the floor and stretched nearly 9 feet in front of her, and her butt shadowed over her blubbery frame.
    “Ooh… It’s happening… I need more…!” Curil stated, as she began to use one of her slime powers to stretch her arm out using the excess mass she has, and ripping a tube of vanilla and chocolate Ice
    Cream from their designated locations, and moved them into her mouth. They lead directly to almost hundreds of Ice Cream Vats, and she grew fatter every second.
    “More… More…” She thought as her entire body flooded the surrounding area, now completely abandoned, which meant she was able to grow without any worries.

    When Curil finished with the Ice Cream, her body barely covered a quarter of the room, she she continued, redirecting conveyor belts that had tons of delicious treats on them into her mouth, holding her mouth open wide, gobbling it up as if it were mere appetizers to a far greater meal.
    But to Curil, this was the greatest meal of all. She had never been so large in her life, it was a miracle her clothes managed to stay on the whole time, as she grew fatter  and her appetite just grew and grew, and when it comes to her appetite, there is nothing “Petite” about it. More like
    Apgiant, as it continued to grow and grow.
    Curil couldn’t be happier, eating and growing, growing and eating, never ceasing until all the food was gone, but that wouldn’t happen for a very, very long time.

    It wasn’t long before Curil’s body began crushing up against the walls, and her blubbery body began breaking out of the factory. Fat bumps could be seen breaking out of windows, but Curil was still eating and growing. She now had managed to turn the conveyor belts into a massive feeding tube, making it now possible for her to grow fatter even without having the factory intact.
    Curil just ate and ate, feeling momentarily cramped while her whole body was attempting to destroy the entire factory, while the factory was strenuously attempting to stay together, it was a losing battle for the building as the loud explosion of flab showed that Curil had won, and was still winning. She continued growing, now viewable from miles around.

    People in the other towns had been evacuated long before she burst out, and as her fat flooded over homes, cars, buildings… Curil felt satisfied. She never wanted this to stop.
    The former townspeople, however, were frustrated, and vowed that they would never forgive Curil for this, no matter how cute she was, this was crossing MANY lines a this point.

    As Curil’s gluttony came to an end, and her flab managed to amass so close to where the townspeople had exiled themselves to that they could practically feel it, the Townspeople decided to climb up the massive booty of Curil in angry fury.
    But as they did, they couldn’t help but notice how soft and comfortable it was. It was like a gigantic bed! By the time they reached the top, they were all in good spirits, and found the head of Curil, who was smiling and moaning happily.
    “Curil!” The Manager of the former factory called out.
    “Wha… Oh, you must be the manager…” Curil giggled, “Do as you will, Manager! I’ve already won~!”
    “Actually… Me and the townspeople were wondering… Do you think we could… Feed you?”
    “F… Feed me? You want me fatter?” Curil asked.
    The townspeople nodded and cheered.
    “Aw, you guys are the best! I was only planning on reaching such a small size as a City, but with your help, I bet I could overtake the whole world in my fat!”
    “And why stop there? Why not the whole Galaxy!” Another man called out.
    “Galaxy? For her?” Someone else called out, “No, she should be eating Galaxies for breakfast!”

    As people continued complimenting and showering Curil with praise, Curil could only feel loved. She knew that people found obese children to be the cutest, but this… This she could get used to.
Curil's Charming Chubbiness (OC WG Story)
Curil, a Chubby Slime Girl, decides to give herself the greatest gift of all...

This is a story made by me, using :iconbubberoni:'s OC, Curil! I hope you like it, and thanks to Bubberoni for letting me use their OC! Please go show them some love.


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