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"Why try to win arguments with logic and facts when you can just hit 'em with a smug anime girl."

I write stories about Fat Girls and stuff. FOR FREE! FOR FUN! FOR EVERYO- Okay, maybe for a select viewing audience, but MOSTLY FOR EVERYONE! YEAH!

I will more than likely submit/work on stories on weekends because school. :P

I do accept requests by Nana-Beats

Warning, Sarcasm user-Stamp by Dinoclaws I am bored-Stamp by Dinoclaws My favourite sport by prosaix Stamp: Please Comment by SimplySilent


Have you ever seen a music video where a Cyber Worm, A Many-armed blob creature and a pizza rapped incoherently through a wild drug trip through space?
Now you have.
Hey guys.

To those who have requested me, I am sorry. I'm gonna have to take a bit longer than expected to get to them. I'm in a bit of a writer's rut right now, and it might take a while for me to get out of it. I dunno how long it'll take, but for now, I'm gonna have to put a hold on all the requests.

So I remember, here are all the people I owe a story at the moment:

- :icondarthterest: (Mabel WG Story)

- :icontrigun1462: (Toddler WG Story)

- :icondayvihd64: (Palutena WG Story)

- :iconobesefairy: (Trucy Wright WG Story)

- :iconeyelessfool: (Touhou Strongfat WG Story)

- :iconprofxchasepines: (Dragon Maid WG Story)

- :iconminuntheminun: (Lapis+Peridot WG Story)

- :icondatbelly: ('Training Dummy' Sequel)

- :iconfishylolol: (Isabelle WG Story)

I'll eventually get to all of these. But for now, I just gotta take a bit of a break. Maybe over Spring Break I'll get to a few of them, but probably in no specific order :P

Thanks for understanding; and as always...

Stay Chubby ;P
:iconharrym0nster:'s story is up. Sorry I couldn't get out another, I'll make up for it by posting two stories on Saturday and Sunday, next will be :icondarthterest: and :icontrigun1462:. Hopefully those two will be of much better quality. Thanks for supporting my work, and as always...

Stay chubby! ;P
    The year is 2235. In a neo-revolutionized era, humans have evolved to become technologically superior beings on the planet, and turned Earth from a Terraformed Landmass into a self-sustaining warehouse of infinite energy, harnessed from the Earth’s core.
    Skeptics and Naturalists were at arms with the scientists as the world turned into this Cyberistic Utopia, and fringe groups of these humans still remain. But as it stands, the planet has turned into a world of Cyborgs. Genetically modified, robotic humanoids who live only to advance their work and upgrade far past what the weak-minded humans thought possible.

    However, during all of this, these Cyborgs found the perfectly preserved remains of a Human Body. They took it, finding it fascinating, hoping that whatever was inside would hold ways of preserving their own bodies.
    However, what they found inside was not a marvel of scientific discovery, but instead… a Human Child! Not but a year old, as they have deduced. It had red hair, with a bone trough it, making it stick up like a palm tree. She had on a Thick Leopard-print Dress, and green diapers on. She was still asleep, and it might’ve been a while since it would.
    “What is this?” Alphox, the lead Scientist at this foundation, wondered, looking down at the creature with disgust.
    “It’s called a Baby, a more primitive and younger version of the Humans, Dr. Alphox.” His assistant, Bektaz, explained.
    “Ugh. It looks awful. Get it out of my sight.” Alphox demanded, walking away from the organic infant.
    Bektaz nodded, and lifted up the Baby. He had only read of creatures such as this in his memory banks that he studied as a younger model, but seeing the actual thing… It almost made him feel something.

    But, not one for disappointing his boss, he did as he was told and took the young Baby to the Trash Chute, where they sent unwanted creatures, specimen and other such things into the Center of the Core, to fuel it and keep the flaming heart of the Warehouse alive.
    Bektaz laid the child down, and was about to leave until… He heard some strange sounds coming from the baby.
    He turned around, and saw that the baby was crying! He didn’t know what to do, he just stood there in complete panic, not understanding the proper protocol for crying children. He went back over to pick up the baby, and attempted to soothe it.
    “There… There… Calm down…” Bektaz stated, rather robotically.
    This somehow managed to calm the baby down, and she began sucking on her shirt. Bektaz would’ve wiped sweat away from his head if he could sweat, but of course, being a robot, that was impossible. He simply let out a sigh of relief, and decided to hold on to this baby for a while longer. To hell with protocol, this would be a good chance to study younger forms of humans!

    The baby sat on a table, with a light shining on her. Bektaz paced around, watching her carefully. Not wanting to let her out of his sights.
    “Human. Can you speak?” Bektaz asked.
    “Pbht.” The baby spat out.
    “Interesting.” Bektaz wrote something down on a clipboard. It read ‘Probably cannot speak.’
    “Pables!” The baby sputtered out, “M’ Pebbles!”
    “Pebbles? That’s your name?”
    Pebbles nodded up and down, “Pubblis!”
    Bektaz wrote down that the babies name was ‘Pebbles (?)’

    As he conducted more tests, he heard someone walking down the hallway. He quickly hid Pebbles underneath a cloth, and smiled as Alphox walked in, “H-hi, sir!”
    Alphox was followed by two armed guards, most likely for his protection, or intimidation for Bektaz. Bektaz always had a weak spine, which is why he was the assistant and not a proper scientist like Alphox.
    Alphox scanned the room, and finally cleared his throat to say something, “Hello, sir, indeed. Mr. Bektaz. Can I ask why you’re in Lab Room 23cA when you should be reorganizing my files on the Kalthanon’s?” Alphox asked, in a very demeaning tone.
    “I was, um… Gonna get to that. Sir. I just got a bit held up.” Bektaz excused himself.
    “Nothing should be more important than my commands, Mr. Bektaz.” Alphox reminded, “Unless, of course, you want to go back to that Scrap Heap.”
    Bektaz gasped, “Y-you wouldn’t bring me back there, would you?”
    “Get to work and we’ll see.” Alphox growled, as the guards aimed their cybernetic arm-mounted artillery turrets towards the already frightened Assistant.
    Bektaz, needing no more words of warning, grabbed the cloth-covered baby like it was a bag and ran off to do the deed. “I’ll get right on it!” He screamed, and he ran through the fluorescently-lit hallways.

    Bektaz finally made it to Alphox’s room, where he only need make a right turn to enter the File Room. There, he found all the files that needed organizing. He placed down Pebbles, and unwrapped her. “Apologies, human. I suppose my studies will have to wait until my tasks are complete.”
    While any other baby would’ve found being shoved in a bag and ran through an entire building at top speed would be scary, Pebbles found it fun! She had so much fun, that she began laughing incessantly!
    But Bektaz quickly held his hands over Pebbles’ mouth. “Hush, child. I need you to stay quiet, or else they’ll burn you up in the core!” Bektaz warned.
    Of course, the thought of burning alive terrified Pebbles as well, and she began to tear up, and tried to cry through the hand of Bektaz.
    “Bektaz!” The sound of Alphox could be heard from outside of the file room, “Don’t tell me you’re crying again!”
    Bektaz groaned, and decided to wrap Pebbles back up in the sack, and walked into Alphox’s office.
    Uh, Mr. Alphox? I need a five minute break, I think one of my wires is leaking…” Bektaz asked.
    “Fine. Five minutes. But not a second longer, you hear me? I need those files organized YESTERDAY!” Alphox demanded, slamming his metallic fist onto the table.
    The whole room shook, which sent a vibration through even Bektaz.
    Bektaz, after being frozen momentarily, walked slowly out the door, and made his way to a storage closet.

    Bektaz walked down the way, trying not to cause too much of a commotion. Thankfully Pebbles was staying quiet, or maybe he just couldn’t hear her through the bag, which was an equally likely, if not more likely, scenario.
    Bektaz finally reached a place where he could leave Pebbles, and unwrapped her from the bag.
    She began crying again, which made Bektaz wince in pain. “Uughh… Please shut up…!” Bektaz demanded, but this only made Pebbles cry even harder.
    Bektaz looked around, and found a perfect solution. He found a box full of Human Food, looking around for some food that could shut this baby up. He found a box of Fruity Pebbles, finding it a very convenient food that he could use.
    “Here, have this!” Bektaz said, opening the box and bag within and shoving it onto Pebbles.
    Pebbles was a bit confused at first, but once Bektaz helped tip the box into her mouth, she got the gist and kept eating from the box. But, the box emptied pretty quickly. This led Pebbles to cry once more, throwing the box on the floor.
    Bektaz groaned, and figured there was only one solution to this. He grabbed a duplication machine, and shoved the connected tube into Pebbles’ mouth. He then grabbed the leftover crumbs from the Pebbles and placed it within the machine, and set duplication to 25x.
    “There. That ought to keep you for a while. Enjoy.” Bektaz bowed, “Whenever you feel full, just press this button.” He said, placing the emergency stop button right next to Pebbles, who was already beginning to bloat up from the feeding.
    Bektaz, finding himself doing a good job, smiled and went back to work, feeling much better having dealt with this fiasco… for now.

    Bektaz walked confidently back to Alphox’s room, and went back to organizing files. He knew that this wouldn’t take too long, so he most likely wouldn’t have to worry about the baby for a while.
    Bektaz had no idea how Human Children worked, or how a child as young as Pebbles never knows when enough is enough. This given, Pebbles just kept the flow going, even when they reached over 200 pounds, making her belly the size of a bowling ball.
    She kept chugging the delicious fruity pebbles, growing with each bite. Her belly was a squishy ball of jiggliness, which she bounced around and played with as she ate with glee. The food was delicious, and her fattiness was just the icing on this metaphorical cake.
    Mmm… Cake. If only she had some of that. But, this delicious cereal would do as well. She was now the size of a double-layered cake, and just as thick and plump. Her diaper ripped off a long time ago, revealing her gigantically plump rump. Her gigantic belly had done some growing as well, fattening her to a state leaving her only in her dress, which acted more as the worlds loosest bra at this point.
    Pebbles seemed to never be satisfied, no matter how much she ate, she just wanted more and more! Even if she wanted to stop, the button that stopped the machine was no longer within her reach, lost in the several fat folds of her body.
    So, Pebbles was left to just grow and grow, her flabby belly now squishing upon the walls...

    About an hour passed, and another worker for the facility where Alphox and Bektaz worked walked past the closet that Pebbles was left in. He noticed the door was struggling to hold something back, but there shouldn’t be anything behind there like that.
    The worker noticed a strange, pale blob pushing through the sides. He was afraid to even go by the door, out of fear, but as he walked towards the door, intending to open it…
    The door blew up, smashing him to pieces. There was now a big wall of flab where he used to be, and the walls containing Pebbles were now breaking apart. The alarms were going crazy, but Pebbles was still growing faster and faster.
    Alphox looked on the still working Security Cams, and saw that it was fatty, human flesh spilling into the Lab Rooms!
    But before Alphox could finish his statement, he, too, was crushed underneath Pebbles’ mass.
    Bektaz managed to walk out and notice the huge blob of a baby before he got crushed, and was able to climb atop the flabby baby. He knew that this was all his fault, he should’ve just incinerated this baby while he had this chance!
    He knew what he had to do, he had to get that duplication machine and turn it off! He began climbing to the top of Pebbles, but saw that the ceiling was approaching quickly, so he braced himself for impact.

    As Pebbles outgrew the entire facility, her flab began pouring into other parts of the metallic, mechanical world, the Cyborg Inhabitants had no idea how to deal with it. They just stood in shock as they all continued to get crushed by the ever-expanding, flabby belly of Pebbles, her humungous belly and butt pressing up against large buildings before crushing them, causing practical tidals waves of rippling and jiggling to flow throughout her entire body.
    Bektaz was determined to stop this, he had to try, even if he couldn’t stop it entirely, he could at least try to stop this before it got too out of hand. Well, technically things got out of hand long ago, but he could at least try to stop things from getting MORE out of hand.

    He began to climb, which was becoming and increasingly more difficult task, as the blubber mountain he was trying to scale was growing by the second, and more and more of his body became engulfed in the flab.
    Past the cloud level, he was becoming less and less confident in his abilities to stop this.
    And yet, against all odds, he still managed to reach the top. He saw that Pebbles’ massive, fat-flooded face was still hooked up to the Duplication Machine. Of course. He managed to find the emergency stop button, and he couldn’t remember a time he hit a button so fast.

    But, it was too late. She had already crushed the entire earth, and was now even twice as large as it. Bektaz groaned, “Welp. You’ve messed up again, Bektaz. This time at the expense of the entire world.”
    But when Bektaz looked out at the entire universe, he realized. Perhaps, just maybe, there might be other planets with intelligent life that he could make his home.
    At this point, his only means of Space Travel was to just keep feeding Pebbles, until he found another world. So, he turned the machine back on, and laid back and watched the entire galaxy get consumed by this obese toddler, waiting for the day he finds an inhabitable planet.

    It may be at the expense of a few lifeless planets, or perhaps a few hundred, but if nobody else was out there, and it was just him and this obese baby in the world… Well, he’d cross that bridge when he came to it. For now, he just lost himself in the sea of fat, daydreaming of better days.
Fruiture Pebbles (Pebbles WG Story)
In a world where Cyborgs rule supreme, it takes one gluttonous baby and a clumsy assistant to destroy it.

Story requested by :iconharrym0nster:

A bit of a weird one. Dunno how well it came out, but hopefully you all enjoy it ;)
Tomorrow I work on :iconharrym0nster: and :icondarthterest:'s stories. Let's have another great weekend!

Requests: Closed :(

Hey! I do Story Requests, which are like Commissions but for free and don't have any level of standard I need to live up to. Note me if you're interested!

Will likely only work and upload on Weekends.

Requests being worked on (4/5):

- :icondarthterest: (Mabel WG Story) (On hold)

- :icontrigun1462: (Toddler WG Story) (Writing)

- :icondayvihd64: (Palutena WG Story) (Up next)

- :iconobesefairy: (Trucy Wright WG Story)

On hold (5/10):

- :iconeyelessfool: (Touhou Strongfat WG Story)

- :iconprofxchasepines: (Dragon Maid WG Story)

- :iconminuntheminun: (Lapis+Peridot WG Story)

- :icondatbelly: ('Training Dummy' Sequel)

- :iconfishylolol: (Isabelle WG Story)

Future Personal Stories (You can still request these characters; Just some characters I plan on fattening on my own time if not yet previously requested):

- Chara (Undertale)

- Lana (Pokemon S&M)

- I'm comfortable writing stories about characters of All Ages. Doesn't matter if they're 20 years old or 20 weeks old, I'll do a story on it. I'm a bit of a freak like that ;)
- No Sexual Situations.
- No Death or Gore.
- Be sure to give me a good idea of how big you'd like the character(s) to be, else I'll go nuts and make them universe-sized :O
- I don't really do descriptive nudity, but if you'd like them to be naked, I'll do the best I can.
- I will only do 1 free rewrite. If for whatever reason you want me to change the entire story, I'll do it, but after that I'll only make a few tweaks here and there for ya. I have a rigorous editing process, so hopefully I won't have to rewrite at all.
- Other various rules will be added later when I think of them.
- One request at a time per profile, but you may request as many stories as you want :)
- I can do Weight Gain, Inflation, Vore, Giantess, Light Slob and Non-fetish stuff. Other fetishes please note me about.
- I do not do anything heavily focused on gore or publicly disgusting things like Scat, Messy Diapers and other.
- I will not write out any sexual interactions between characters, implied or otherwise. I wouldn't be against kissing, groping and other similarly less sexual acts of affection.
- I only work on Five Requests at one time! But, if you're still interested, I can put your request on hold, and get to it whenever I'm able to. I can put 10 Requests on hold at a time, and get to them in the order as they come to me.
- Only Female Weight Gain please :)
- No Real Life People please (Or characters they portray in live-action films)


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CmdrNIX Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I'd like a story request.
Chubby-Chimaera Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
I'm not taking requests at the moment, but I'll be sure to tell you when they're back up.
CmdrNIX Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Oh... okay, then.
Minuntheminun Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
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Chubby-Chimaera Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Of course! Just note me the details and I'll be sure to get you on the list ;)
harrym0nster Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017
Hey quick fun question. I've seen a lot of your stories and I was just wondering who's your favourite character to fatten up?
Is it Lisa Simpson? you seem to have a huge interactive story with her?
Or maybe Chara? since you have a whole folder dedicated to her. 
Chubby-Chimaera Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
That's a good question!
It would seem that Chara is one of my favorites, and you would be right. She is by far my favorite to fatten up, and would love to get the opportunity to make her fatter in the future.

I wouldn't say Lisa is a favorite, more that Lisa's Interactive Story on my account was up much longer than any of my other ones. Plus, it was my first Female WG story that I ever technically wrote. The first real one is Chara's, who I was just making for a friend. Those 5 stories were requested by a friend before I even had the idea of offering public requests!

I'd say my current list of favorites, in no particular order, would be Chara, Lana, Acerola, Peridot... Lot of characters who would be considered "Loli's". They make the cutest fatties honestly ^^
ObeseFairy Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017
Acerola best blob
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